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The premise of S.T.O.P Security is to be “Proactive, not Reactive.”  We will prevent security risks while ensuring the safety of your enterprise, assets, and personnel.  While we are excellent at resolving current issues that may be occurring, we aim to tackle potential issues before there is a security breach.  We will work closely with each client to create a system from the ground up, tailored for your individual needs.

    As a security company dedicated to getting in front of issues, it is important that we employ and train security guards who are motivated and exemplify character traits that are in congruence with our Mission statement.  We also maintain a community of veteran and retired military officers who are devoted to operating with honesty and integrity.  Through training and leadership, our officers will keep your community safe and secure.

     No two companies are alike, and each will require a unique approach.  We offer cost effective professional security services for each individual situation. Our commitment to you is to create a trusting relationship with uncompromising integrity.  Comprehensive security solutions will be created for residential, commercial, and corporate businesses.  We promise to deliver the S.T.O.P stamp of approval every time, every day.

Armed/Unarmed Guard Services

Hiring a security guard agency can be the most beneficial decision you make to protect your property and maintain a strong visual presence deterring any unwanted criminal activity. 

Gatehouse Security

Security is important in areas where there needs to be constant monitoring.  We will ensure there is limited access to your premises and permit employees and designated visitors only.

Special Events

We provide professional security services for company events. You never know if an incident may occur which requires the intervention of a professional security guard.  Preparation is key to a successful event.

Retail Stores & Malls

Protecting your property from damage and preventing loss of products you have worked hard to obtain, will be a top priority for S.T.O.P security guards hired by your business.

Large and small conventions depend on security companies to protect their most valuable assets. 

Convention Services
Corporate Functions

Providing your employees with a safe and secure place to work is imperative when working in an office building. Having security guards present is a great preventative measure to criminal activity.

Our Servuces

“Security is always excessive until it's not enough”

- Robbie Sinclair

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Contact us so that we can evaluate your premises and develop a customized plan that will accommodate your company.

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