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Executive Team

Director of  Business Development 

Pamela Green

     As Director of Business Development for S.T.O.P Security, Pamela Green operates as a liaison between our company and our clients.  It is important that she provides the highest level of personalized customer service.  She brings a great deal of experience in business and customer relations.  She has a bachelors and Juris Doctor Degree which has been instrumental to our journey in this business.  The depth of her legal knowledge has assisted us in acquiring and negotiating contracts.  Also it has helped us in assessing and successfully tackling incidents that may occur in the security field. 

Chief Operating Officer

Leonard B. Green, II

     Leonard B. Green, II has held a number of Supervisory positions and exemplifies excellent work ethics.   He is a veteran of the Marine Corps. Serving in the military has prepared him to deal with the unexpected and quickly assess a situation.  He has also worked a number of years in different areas of security, acquiring on the job training.  He is responsible for planning and overseeing all security operations, providing security consulting and training.  He utilizes many of his years of experience by applying them to numerous areas in the private security sector.

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