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Armed/Unarmed Guard Services

     Our guards are excellent at preventing crime, maintaining security, and assisting customers and employees.  Hiring a security guard agency can be the most beneficial decision you make to protect your property and maintain a strong visual presence deterring any unwanted criminal activity.  Security guards provide businesses with a peace of mind.  They also provide customers and employees with a sense of security and relief concerning their safety.


     How our guards handle criminal activity is for your business to decide.  They can observe and report or detain suspects until law enforcement arrives.  Having an armed or unarmed security guard is also a decision that depends on the needs of your company.  Hiring a trained and licensed guard from a reputable company can ensure that you are hiring guards who are capable of handling criminal activity in a sensibly manner. 

    There are a number of businesses that security guards can provide services for including the following:

  • Shopping centers

  • Apartment communities

  • Constructions sites

  • Special events

  • Commercial Establishments.

  • Movie sets

  • Churches

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